About theConference

The Women in the Mechanical Industry Conference will join women leaders from across the country. This unique opportunity is open to all women employed by an MSCA or MCAA member company where crucial conversations will be addressed through exceptional speakers, networking and roundtable discussions.

Conference Highlights

The program who will inspire you to dream big and hone your skills to enable you to become a better leader and role model.

Network with other women from the industry and build a support group of peers which can flourish far beyond the conference.

Learn how to be an influential leader and improve communication with Stacey Hanke.


Participate in roundtable discussions, and share ideas, challenges and solutions with other women who have faced similar experiences and situations.


Steve Thomas will help you achieve success by learning how to manage different personalities in business.

Col. Nicole Malachowski will offer actionable tools and real-world lessons about pursuing your dream, making choices, all while building a family and achieving success in your career.

Networking expert, J. Kelly Hoey will steer you on a path to success by focusing on the unique opportunities women have today in creating pro-active and focused networks.

Listen to a panel of leading women in the mechanical industry, as they discuss their experiences in the industry and the importance of recruiting more women and steps to retain them.

Enjoy time with peers at Joe's Live hosted by MCA of Chicago.