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About the Conference

MCAA's Annual Technology Conference is the one place where MCAA members in construction, plumbing and service can get tech info you can actually use. Designed by contractors in your business, our goal is to provide takeaways for everyone attending.

How do we do that?

–By bringing in the real experts in how technology is being deployed in companies just like yours.

–By making sure you have practical technology takeaways so you're not left hanging.

–By illustrating what may seem far-fetched with real-life contractor case studies.

–By covering all aspects of our businesses... from new construction to service.

–By bringing to Florida some awesome exhibitors who will show you what they have and how it works.

–And, by giving you just enough time to network with your peers.

This Tech Conference will be one you don't want to miss!


Conference Highlights

Who can predict what will be the most important takeaway for your company? Still, if we had to guess, we'd say you'll go home thinking about what you're doing right, what you're excited about looking into and adopting immediately, and... what might keep you up at night! But if you don't attend, you won't know which is which!

Well, this will be fun!  James Benham will lead an opening session with a group of industry peers that are showcasing new tools that are reshaping the way that contractors are doing business.

Next Generation Workflows: Brett Young will demonstrate with MCAA contractors some case studies of the new tools shaping the way we perform work.  From augmented reality to new design tools, this session will describe how contractors are already experimenting with new tools for the industry.

Expanded breakouts! We expanded a set of breakouts to provide in-depth training during the meeting. There are also two optional 2-hour sessions before the conference begins on Mastering Bluebeam and Converting to Revit for attendees that get in early to really sharpen their skills.

Leading Industry Experts: MCAA is fortunate to have contractors that employ some if the industry’s best innovators. This conference will feature both peers willing to share their insights as well as the industry’s leading technology experts. Your association will deliver real information you can use and get you ready for the technology and tools that are just on the horizon.

Cyber-Security can figure prominently in those 4 am nightmares.  Nick Espinosa is back with two sessions on how to protect your company, one of which is an in-depth how to for IT professionals to protect your company.

Have you started a Research and Testing team in your company? Well you should. Never fear, Rob McKinney and James Benham will walk you through how to perform research and develop a team to evaluate technology.

Service-focused sessions. Breakout sessions have been designed this year to focus on the technology needs and decisions facing service contractors/divisions and every general session will have content relatable to the service side of the industry.

Roundtables! We love interactive sessions. Sometimes you get as many takeaways from your peers as from industry experts.

Learn how contractors are automating their redundant tasks and Automating VDC Operations. Josh Bone and a panel of contractors show how this can be used to gain productivity and integrate manufacturing.

MCAA Quality. This is your association. We've built this conference for you, and we consider this an awesome value proposition for you. If you have questions, any questions, contact MCAA's Director of Construction Technology, Sean McGuire.